We are filling the following ampoules with our highly efficient ampoule filling machine:

  • pharmaceuticals,
    • medical devices,
    • cosmetic products,
    • and food supplements.

Bottles or vials can also be filled on request and in smaller quantities.

We have two possibilities for filling of ampoules:

  • fill aseptically with high purity (the filled ampoules do not need to be sterilized; for thermolabile products),
  • or fill sterile (autoclave the filled ampoules; pasteurize if necessary)
  • Maschinentyp:

    filling machine with eight propane-oxygen burner.

  • Standort:

    Reinraum Klasse B, Laminar Flow (Klasse A)

  • Leistung:

    Up to 24.000 Ampoules per hour for 1ml- and 2ml- ampoules

  • Charge capacity

    1.000 – 500.000 Ampoules

  • safety fumigation

    chosable between nitrogen or argon

  • annual output:

    Up to 55 million ampoules

  • ampoul type:

    Glasaampuls, Burn-on ampuls

  • Ampoule size:

    Standard 1 to 30 ml Burn-On Glasampuls

  • ampoul colour

    different coloured primary packages out of glas (white, brown, green, blue, etc.) can be filled and controlled.

Please contact us, we will be happy to give you more information!